Monday, September 6, 2010


I'm settled in on the couch with the laptop and a goal: I will write. I don't know what I will write, but I will write. Not writing regularly is taking its toll on me; I know very well that I process things better and am able to make connections between things when I write, yet I have hardly written a word in months.

I've been in a weird place in my life, not exactly a dark spot, but a quiet one. There has been no flurry of new ideas or new realizations, no burning desire to write passionately about topics that matter to me, no interest in sharing much of myself with the internet world.

In some ways it has been a dark spot, though. I go through seasons of feeling very connected, both to other people and to God, and then I go through seasons of feeling rather disconnected. I have felt alone lately; not often lonely, but alone. Alone with my thoughts and my feelings and my struggles.

Eventually these seasons of quiet introspection give way to seasons of connection, understanding, discovery, growth, and change. The quiet times in between seem to be necessary for me to process the last season of growth and prepare for the next.

So that's where I am now.


  1. First of all, it is difficult to find time to write when you have two little ones at home. How about writing about what they find interesting or things they discover in a day? There is one woman's blog I follow and sometimes she has her dog write the blog! It is funny because "he" will say things like, "I'm not supposed to do such and such but since I was with my aunt, I was allowed, etc. etc." Write outside of yourself or write about something cool you learned while homeschooling. Or a favorite song or hymn and the story behind it. Go down Memory Lane - - - - things that happened to you as a child at the age of your children - - - - (I couldn't remember that!) Or what is your favorite color and then talk about things that are those colors.
    Just some ideas because we like to read your writing!

  2. You might like to read a blog of one of my friends who began homeschooling just this year. Their family goes to our church and she and I think her husband, too, are Lee grads.
    She has the same convictions you do.

  3. Big hugs...dry spells are very tricky, I know. (((you)))