Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Updates on My Life

Busy doesn’t even begin to describe it.

I’ve recently realized that I’ve said to at least six different people, “We should get together sometime soon!” And I mean it. I truly do. And then life continues on with all the busyness, and before I know it, weeks have passed and I’ve never made plans with anyone. I haven’t forgotten them, and I do want to spend time with them– but right now my life is like a juggling act, with so many balls in the air, and I can’t afford to drop any of them.

I just looked back at my calendar for the past few months. Between doctor’s visits, the chiropractor, a couple trips to the mechanic, and other random appointments and commitments, I’m averaging 2-3 appointments a week. This is on top of all that it takes to parent three children, while trying to keep my house at a manageable level of chaos, and my husband is gone 12 hours a day plus sometimes on the weekend. Oh, and the baby had RSV… and the whole family caught a stomach bug… and there are some other issues/concerns that I won’t detail here but that are consuming a LOT of time and energy. I am drained.

So to the people I’ve been meaning to get together with… I am truly sorry.  :(   I can barely catch a minute to think these days. I’m hoping things slow down a bit soon.

To wrap this up, here’s a message from my 3 year old, who has been sitting on my lap as I edit this post and he desperately wants to participate:


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