Friday, September 21, 2012


Over the years, I’ve collected a huge amount of knowledge about several topics that are near and dear to me personally: pregnancy and birth, breastfeeding, attachment theory, positive parenting, special needs, sensory play, education, psychology, self-discovery… the list could go on and on, honestly, because I have tons of interests and experiences! ;)

But until recently, I didn’t realize just how important these things really are. I think for a long time I have unconsciously devalued my own knowledge and experiences. I’ve viewed them as being largely inconsequential; perhaps they are helpful for me, but they’re probably not all that interesting to anyone else, or useful beyond their everyday application in my life.

But whoa, was I ever wrong. I am only in my first semester of graduate school, studying to become a school counselor– but I draw on my experiences and the knowledge gained from them every single day. The counseling techniques and theories that inform them make so much sense to me because I have been reading about and practicing so many of these things for years now with my own children. (As a sidenote, it is incredibly encouraging and validating to see that I have been on the right track with my personal research on these things!) My years of experience with special needs, evaluations (both in the school system and privately), therapies, IEPs, and the school system itself is invaluable. So many of the things I already know and have experienced are proving to be helpful to me as I prepare for my career. And even in my personal life, I have seen that my knowledge and experiences are useful outside of my own immediate circumstances, as people have come to me to talk about some of these things.

But this post isn’t just about me; it’s about you, too. The things you’ve experienced, the things you’ve learned about, the things that you’re interested in and passionate about– those things matter! Let’s be honest, there are always going to be people who invalidate your knowledge and experience– but don’t do it to yourself. Recognize and appreciate these things, and put them to good use!

So, tell me– what have you learned or experienced that is helping you and others? :)

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