Saturday, April 3, 2010

The Wilderness

In my last post I said that sometimes I can see clearly where I'm going to end up-- specifically regarding certain experiences and beliefs.

But sometimes, I have absolutely no idea where I'm going to end up. It is this part of the journey-- the unknown, the indecision, the doubts and uncertainty-- that I struggle to embrace. I don't mind the journey as long as I have an idea of my destination, but when I'm wandering in the wilderness, unsure of where I'm going or how long it will take to get there, I often feel so discouraged.


  1. I found you through Amanda's blog. I'm excited to get to visit with you again.
    And I found the Green Guys Recycling on your blog. That makes me very happy, too.

  2. I went and read through several of your posts. I really like the info about self-calming strategies for kids. I have a few parents at the center I'm going to pass that info along to. :)

  3. Nice to hear from you, Lynda. :) Green Guys Recycling makes me happy too!

    Amanda, glad I could share some useful info. :) Dealing With Disappointment is a really good book. Short, too, which can be a plus. ;)